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Thought I would put the links up for anyone that is interested.
We Can Do Anything Now
By PattRose
Summary: Jim wins the lottery, decides what he wants to do with his money and also admits his feelings to Blair.
Warnings: Language, mild slash
Genre: Pre-slash/Slash
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 4939
A/N: Thank you to Bluewolf for the beta. I went and looked up the lottery for Washington State and it’s been around since 1982. I was surprised at that. But at least I know the lottery could be won by Jim or Blair.

Story #2:
The Last Chance
By PattRose
Summary: What if you had one last day with the one that you’ve been in love with for years? Will it matter that the best friend is planning his wedding? You only have one last chance to get it right. Will they both choose correctly?
Genre: Pre-slash
Warnings: Angst, language and stupidity
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1548
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I've been down in the dumps for the last two weeks and when I am, I usually write Sentinel fic. It seems to help. Anyhow, if anyone is interested, here are the links.

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