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I've been trying to take some weight off and with the help of dieting and my recumbent bike I've lost ten pounds. (almost three weeks) My clothes are starting to fit better, that's why I dieted anyhow because my old things were getting to tight and small. I didn't want to buy new. So, now I'm on this wonderful diet and I feel much better already. I'm up to five miles a day on my bike and I love it. It's not hurting my poor ruptured disc in my back at all. Physical therapist told me what kind of bike to get, so we got it. I have so much more to lose, but you know, it took years to put it on, so if it takes a year to take it off, I'm down with that. :) I'm very happy about it. Hubster is dieting with me and he feels so much better too. We both love the bike. He's got bad knees, so he's really happy to have some exercise that doesn't involve his sore knees. It's hell getting old. *grin* I lost one of my tripple chins. How do you get rid of the excess skin on your neck? It's gross.

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