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The Many Chapters of The Sentinel 7!! We have 8 chapters of stories to
tickle your senses... angsty, first times, slice of life and many more.
We have stories by some of the best writers in our fandom today. Just
come on over and settle in. And the art... ah, lovely!

Please remember that feedback is a pleasant surprise for any author.

The Many Chapters of The Sentinel 7
(it's the first link under "Newest Ezines")

Lisa, Duncan's Twin
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Hello everyone!

My Mongoose Ezine is looking for a few good writers for the newest Ezine, The Many Chapters of Jim and Blair 7. The deadline will be January 1st, 2012.

Here is a listing of Chapters for the Chapters Ezine:

Angst Stories
AU Stories
Crossover Stories
First Time Stories
Holiday Stories Any holiday, not just Christmas or New Years.
Humorous Stories
Hurt/Comfort Stories
I Hate… Stories Take your pick of characters to dislike.
Pre-slash Stories
Sad Stories
Slice of Life Stories
Stories with a Prompt
And for anyone that wants to try the Prompt story, the prompt is ‘At least I’m walking out of this alive.’

If anyone is interested, please contact Lisa at or Patt at and we would be happy to send you the submission guidelines.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Lisa, Duncan’s Twin and Patt
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We here at My Mongoose Ezines would like to congratulate all the winners of the 2009 Light My Fire Awards, and pay special tribute to the authors and artists whose work was originally published or included at My Mongoose.

Lisa, Duncan's Twin and PattRose
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TWO... yes, TWO ezines for your reading and holiday pleasure!

First, we have Many Adventure of Jim and Blair 2, a collection of
stories, some very long, featuring our guys and their many and varied

Secondly, we have Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel 4, a collection
of holiday stories and filk covering a variety of holidays... Halloween,
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

We hope you enjoy reading (and looking at the lovely artwork) both
ezines. We certainly enjoyed putting them together for your reading

Contact us if you'd like to participate in our next ezine: Patt
( or Lisa (

Main site

Direct link to Many Adventures of Jim and Blair 2

Direct link to Many Holiday Greetings of The Sentinel 4

Lisa, Duncan's Twin
My Mongoose Ezine Creator
My Mongoose Ezine Co-Producer
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if anyone is writing a story for the Holiday Ezine, please let me know as soon as possible. We sure aren't getting many stories. So far we only have two gen and five slash. We hope to get some more in the next couple of weeks. Geeze, I hope so anyhow. We really need your help.



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