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and my brother has asked me to come to Albuquerque for awhile. From March 13th until the 31st. I can never say no to a man that would do anything for anyone else. So, I'll be down there helping mom and dad while he can't be. They have an addition built on to his house and he looks in on them every day and takes them out to eat at night. Now, something has come up and he needs my help. So, I will be traveling much of March, but my Big Bang duties are still going to be fine because I'm taking my laptop with me. Mom and dad go to bed really early, so it will give me something to do in the evenings.

Everyone have a great week. I know I am.

Hugs, Patt
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I have a friend that saw the pics and said, "Oh my God, they look so old." (head desk) They are 86 and 89. Of course they look old. We will too when we're that age. The guy in the middle is our son, Thomas, named after my dad. He's wearing that on his head, because he couldn't warm up in Albuquerque. It was freezing. All of us from Arizona are wusses. LOL Doesn't my mom have wonderful skin for 86? Dad worked out in the sun for many years, so life hasn't been as kind to him.


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